Thursday, June 13, 2013

Simple Solutions to Common Computer Problems

Simple Solutions to Common Computer Problems

When your computer isn’t working, it can cause all kinds of headaches, whether you use it for day-to-day activities, work, or just for gaming and entertainment. The good news is that there are several smaller computer problems that can be quickly and easily fixed with some do-it-yourself computer repairs that even a computer novice can handle. Here are a few of the most common things you might see, and instructions to get you through the repairs.

1: You turn it on, but nothing happens

Many computer repair experts, like those at Computer Fix Salt Lake City, will tell you that the first thing you should always check is to make sure the computer is plugged in and getting power. If you’ve checked the cords and still nothing is happening, you may want to check to find out whether your power supply is working properly. You may need to purchase a new one if your current one is gone, and if you’ve never replaced a power supply before, take it to the experts.

2: It’s very slow to start up

When you first get your computer, it only has a few factory-installed programs. Over time, you probably added more programs, and often they have a default to open at startup, which hogs all the computer’s memory as it’s starting up. In cases where you don’t use the programs very often, you can disable this automatic startup feature on individual programs and your computer will open much more quickly. If you’re not sure which ones you should and should not disable, talk to the experts at Computer Fix Salt Lake City for some guidance.

3: The screen looks distorted

Most screens today are viewed at a resolution of 1024x768 or the increasingly popular 1366x768. If you have it configured to different settings, it may be distorting the view of all your desktop items. If they look stretched, some are not visible on the screen, or you just don’t like the view, you can change it. Alternately, if the more traditional resolutions are too small for you, making adjustments can help you see the icons better. Simply go to the Properties window, find the screen resolution settings, and view all the options available. You can also preview each to make sure you like it.

4: You’re seeing the “blue screen of death”

When the computer crashes, it displays a blue screen and an error message, which often means computer problems. Fortunately the fix can be fairly simply, especially if you can figure out what you were doing immediately before it crashed. For example, if you were in the middle of installing a new program, it could be a problem with the new software. If you haven’t run a virus check in a while, it could be triggered by malware or spyware, and running the virus removal software to fix these issues will clear up the problem. When this problem persists, though, it’s best to get it in for more advanced computer repairs. 

Your computer is likely a very important part of your life, which means that dealing with small annoyances like these issues can get in the way of your productivity and your fun. If you have tried to do some basic troubleshooting and you’re still not getting the machine to work for you, bring it to Computer Fix Salt Lake City today.


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