Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Common Computer Viruses

Most Common Computer Viruses
Many people experience computer virus problems that require repair. A computer virus can make life very difficult and also made many of your files or your entire computer become inaccessible and hard to use. Computer viruses are designed with a number of different uses and in today’s day and age many active Internet users will have had computer virus problems at one time or another.
Some of the most popular computer viruses include:
  • Trojans: Trojans are some of the most popular malware computer viruses on the Internet. Generally when you are infected with a computer virus, there is a good chance that is a Trojan computer virus. These are usually downloaded from pop-up advertising or from file sharing. What a Trojan does is nest itself into your computer and then will collect data or potentially manipulate data on your computer. Most of the time you won’t even realize that you’ve been infected and for the most part Trojans will be completely symptomless. They can simply work to make small changes on your computer that can alter its regular behavior.
  • Bot nets: a bot net will take control of your computer and they are used for identity theft, industrial espionage, and extortion. A bot net will allow hackers to take control of your computer and use your computer to spam other computers or steal vital information such as credit cards, Social Security numbers and your identity as a whole. With a bot net on your computer you could wake up to find your bank account empty or that your ID or online accounts have been stolen or wiped out.
  • Scare ware: some programs that are offered on the Internet through pop-up advertising are known as scare ware. Usually people install this type of software when a pop-up comes on the computer screen telling them that their computer is infected and they need to download a program to eradicate the infection. Ignoring the warning will make sure that it never goes away and if you are ever to download the program you will just continue to download bot nets so that hackers can take control of your computer. The only way to shut down scare wear is through the windows task manager which can be accessed by pressing control alt delete. Many designers of these viruses will also prepare for this by renaming the software after Windows components making it even more difficult to shut down. The only way to eliminate scare ware is through using proper security methods or taking your computer to a professional to eliminate the threat.
How to Protect Your Computer
You can protect your computer using a variety of antivirus software. There are even some that are available on the Internet for free such as AVG antivirus. Performing regular system scans as well as keeping a system scanner running on your computer at all times will help to prevent your computer from being infected.
If you have encountered a major virus program on your computer and you live in the Salt Lake City area you may want to consider computer repair and Salt Lake City through a reputable company like Computerfix SLC.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

There are many things that can harm your computer and one of them is just being on the Internet. Cyber security is very important for your computer system and there are some things you can do to protect your system from hackers, viruses, malware and other problems.
Keep Your System Updated

To avoid an expensive computer repair you want to keep your system updated. Often the repairs are needed because you have older software that’s conflicting with something new and it seems like you have a larger problem with your PC. By updating your software on a consistent basis you can avoid problems with your computer.  ComputerFix SLC can help you with any problems you might have with your software. Make sure you install all of the updates that you operating system tells you need. Browser updates will also keep you more secure on the Internet.

Anti-Virus Software
To keep your computer secure on the Internet you need to make sure you have up to date ant-virus software. This is critical to cyber security and the operation of your computer system. This software needs to be updated as much as possible and you shouӏd run periodic checks to make sure your compute isn’t infected. ComputerFix SLC can make sure your system is running smoothly and we can perform computer repair if you have been infected with a virus.

Malware and Spyware
Spyware and malware aren’t as serious as viruses but they can slow down your computer system. You can pick these up easily online as they can be attached to files such as videos or music files. Make sure you scan everything before you open any file you download from the Internet.

If you’re worried about someone hacking into your computer system ComputerFix SLC can help you install cyber security to protect your sensitive files. It’s important to secure your data as much as possible. We can come to your business and ensure that your systems are secure in the Salt Lake City area.

Data Recovery
Our services can help you recover missing or lost data to serious computer problems. our computer repair services are able to save the vast majority of your data even if your systems have failed We can aӏso help you install proper data backup systems so your date will be safe online and offline too.

Our services can help you get your network up and running and work through any problems you might have with your computer network.  We can help you with mobile device support and your email server too. We can help you manage your computer network in the best way to ensure a smooth operation.

Visit or Call Us
Visit or call us today at 801.415.9595. We will work with you to ensure your computer systems are working well and that you’re data is safe online. We can perform many types of computer repair and we also have consulting services too. Are experts will work with you to ensure your computer system work the way they should.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

High Performing Computer

Maintaining a High Performing Computer
A brand-new computer is fast, powerful, and can be one of the best things in the world, but even the greatest computer is potentially at risk when it comes to viruses and other malicious software. Removing this “malware” by downloading random pieces of software based on a brief review or two can sometimes lead to even worse results than trying to work around the initial problems. It’s not a rare thing to even want to just completely replace a system that seems to be failing or acting in ways it isn’t supposed to. That’s when the professionals like Computer Fix Salt Lake City can step in and take care of things for you, saving you tons of money and future hassle; if it’s happened once, it can happen again, and the right computer repair team can not only fix your machine but prevent other potential problems.
Computer repair is a very exact process and only the right people should be trusted with this kind of expensive equipment. Having a computer fixed by just anyone can lead to accidentally losing tons of important data saved for personal or business use. Fixing a computer and still maintaining that important information through a backup and recovery service, when necessary, can only be completely through a good Salt Lake City computer fixing businesses, Computer Fix SLC.
Sometimes a computer doesn’t have to be completely dysfunctional or totally inoperable to not quite suit your needs. Sometimes a simple hardware upgrade will turn an older machine into a high performing computer than will make your world so much easier, for personal or business functions. Good computer repair companies like Computer Fix Salt Lake City can also be great computer improvement companies. If business accounting, personal finance, or even the newest highly awaited gaming software doesn’t want to run with your current computer configuration, it could be as simple as updating a piece of hardware or two. Small-sounding things like upgraded memory or a new (or even extra) video graphics card are the difference between a slow, pain-in-the-neck experience and a lightning fast top-of-the-line experience.
Blindly buying computer parts for an upgrade can be costly in two ways, though.  Not all computer hardware is compatible and ready to just be plugged into every machine on the market so the hardware may not work together.  Also, retail companies make their money off people manually upgrading their computer hardware without really shopping around so prices at big names stores will nearly always be much higher than a good computer repair company’s “little secret” connection that might prefer to only deal with known, qualified computer repair businesses. Computer Fix SLC, a good computer repair business can do the math for you, making sure to find the best prices for the hardware that will meet your needs, achieving that high performing computer system in the best way possible.

IT consulting, hardware consulting, networking advice, and other personal or office solutions are all available, depending on what your setup looks like and what you’re looking to get out of it. If your home office needs a full upgrade, from your display to your memory, we can help. If you need to turn on the latest gaming craze as soon as you get home, we can help you. If you just want to be able to access your email without waiting for an eternity, we’re happy to help. Computer Fix SLC

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How to Protect Your Computer

Protecting Your Computer From Viruses and Not-So-Nice Hackers

Everyone hates viruses and experiencing a hijacked PC. By protecting your computer from viruses; malicious files, programs, and Trojan viruses your life will be much happier. Just think about all the important data, pictures, and important documents you transfer, how awful a security breech would be on your personal PC or laptop causing you to fix your computer. A nasty virus can literally devour those valuable files and possibly destroy your PC hardware requiring you to fix your computer.

ComputerFix SLC can help you make PC protection a priority in your household and work life. Unfortunately some malicious viruses are looking for your private information such as security numbers, usernames, passwords, banking information, and anything else important to you. Depending on the virus, they can be easy to dodge or tough to identify. Shielding your PC from not-so-nice hacker viruses are basics to ducking expensive PC repairs and the assault of confidentiality breaches. Avoid the hackers and malicious damages by following these simple steps to protect your computer from viruses.  
Use Anti-Virus Without A Doubt

Ensuring your computer anti-virus software and the operating system is up-to-date is a good practice. By using anti-viruses such as ESET, Kaspersky, McAfee, and many others, you’re protecting your beloved computer the right way staying away from having to fix your computer. Never surf online without anti-virus protection software, because your PC will be more vulnerable to catching viruses and security information cracks.

Anti-virus protection blocks Trojan viruses, worms, not-so-nice hackers, and spyware. Basically anti-virus battle’s off today’s most cutting-edge malware and Trojan viruses. In addition, use ISP (Internet Service Providers) precautions as well, with heavy-duty anti-spam and anti-phishing measures. Also don’t forget to apply your windows updates as frequent as possible for your computer’s sake and to better help protect your computer from viruses.
Open With Caution and Avoid File Sharing

Make sure your anti-virus is automatically scanning IM’s and emails. Be sure to avoid opening unwanted emails, or unexpected document attachments. Another vulnerable way for your PC to catch viruses is when your file sharing with others, you’re just asking for viruses to consume your PC. Filing sharing sites are where virus programs are waiting for you to download not-so-nice hacker file extensions like cmd, .bin, .vbs, .dll, .scr, and .exe.

Stay away from downloading files and docs from unaccustomed or bad reputation sites unless you want to fix your computer; this is where files exist. Surf the web correctly and dodge being a victim to an unwanted virus on your PC. Also, be careful of pop-up messages that pose as companies update or warning signs to protect your computer from viruses, these are potentially demoralizing.

Keep Private Info Elsewhere and Use Firewall

If you have sensitive information, do not save this on your PC hard drive. Hackers can target individual information and implant a virus to retrieve the information needed easily. Business information, personal data, and any other sensitive information can be used for whatever the viruses’ intentions are. Store your personal information somewhere safe on a separate hard drive, usb sticks, or 128 bit encryption cloud base software that works. By doing so, you can surely protect your computer from viruses and save your PC from upsetting effects. Firewalls work together with your anti-virus software to ensure your PC’s highest level of security measures is on.

Similar to anti-virus, firewall security and updates work in unison to eliminate unwelcoming files from entering your computer corrupting your personal data with Trojans, worms, and other bad viruses that will make you unhappy causing you to fix your computer. if you need help or have ny questions plese contact us.  Don’t be a victim and proceed computing carefully by learning how to protect your computer from viruses. We hope you have enjoyed our helpful security tips and measures discussed above. Let us know if we can assist you with keeping your PC free of viruses.  If there is a need to fix your computer call Computer Fix.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Keeping Your Computer In Good Health

Keeping Your Computer In Good Health

We live in a time where we have become almost completely dependent on our personal computers to take care of all manner of tasks. Banking and shopping are regularly done via PC, and it’s also the place where we store all kinds of personal information, such as contacts, family photos, and more. What that means is that you can be in a real world of hurt if your commuter finally decides that it has had enough and falls prey to some sort of internal problem. Before you know it, all that important information can be gone, or worse yet, fall into the hands of another via a virus or spyware.

This problem becomes even worse when you run a business that relies heavily on the use of computers. A single computer issue can result in work delays that can cost the company money with each passing moment. Viruses can make their way into the business and destroy months of work,  also making sensitive information available to outside eyes. If your business does not have a computer repair and service company, such as Computer Fix, on speed dial, you might very well not be prepared for the worst when it happens.
A good rule of thumb is to not sit back and wait till disaster strikes before calling in the professionals. Going with that mindset might very well mean a loss of data and information that could otherwise have been saved by being pro-active. What you need to understand is that computer service and repair companies can be brought in to help ensure that problems are averted, and that your business can run smoothly, with computer problems kept to a minimum.

Essential services provided by these types of companies include running diagnostics on all of your computers to ensure that they are delivering maximum performance. There are all manner of things that can slow a computer down, which in turn reduces the speed at which you can do business. Viruses are often at the heart of these speed issues, and while many viruses are fairly harmless, there are plenty more that can quickly wipe out your entire network. If you are a small business, that type of damage can be completely debilitating and really shouldn’t ever have to happen.

Companies like Computer Fix are in business to help smaller business that might not have the money in their budget to employ a full-time computer support team. They will come directly to your business and quickly take care of any computer issues, no matter how minor. They are very aware that time is money, which is why all problems are taken care of as quickly as possible. Your business can count on them to replace damaged parts, take care of internet and network issues, engage in virus and spyware removal, and basically take care of any PC issue that may be affecting your ability to do business effectively.