Friday, June 7, 2013

Computer Problems?

The most common computer problems are often the ones that will be the most annoying, but fortunately since they are fairly common, you can often do a little computer repair on your own, or take it into a place like Computer Fix SLC and get the machine back up and running quickly and easily. Here are some of the things you’re most likely to see on your PC.

Malware and Spyware

Whether you have a virus, Trojan horse, worm, adware, or spyware, it can all harm the computer and do significant damage. The type of malware you have will determine what steps you should take to fix it. For run-of-the-mill malware, you may be able to fix it with a simple antivirus program that you can install and run on your machine. For more complex issues, it may require the computer repair expertise of someone like Computer Fix SLC.

Encumbered Machine

When your machine starts to get cluttered with files, folders, software, and other applications, it will run more slowly. Just like your home or your office, you have to ensure that you are storing things efficiently and not keeping too much clutter around that can make it difficult to navigate your system.

Power Failure

The last time you tried to turn on the computer and got nothing—no signs of life, no lights, and no sounds inside, most likely the problem was with your power supply. You could try to get a new power supply, but you may also want to take it to Computer Fix SLC to have them run tests and diagnose the problem before spending a lot of time and effort fixing something that is not broken. You can also try other devices in the same plug to find out if it’s an issue with your home’s electricity.

Blank Screens

A blank (black) screen is different from the “blue screen of death”, and in most cases it’s not because of a major system failure, it’s just a problem with the connection between the computer and the monitor. Check all the cables for connectivity, and test them on other devices to ensure they work properly.

Frozen Device

There are few things more frustrating than a freezing computer, and the problem could range from insufficient RAM, registry conflicts, missing/corrupt files, or spyware, to more. Rather than trying to fix all these computer problems, take it to Computer Fix SLC so they can test and diagnose.



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