Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Computer Buying Tips

Congratulations! You have decided on buying a computer!  Shopping for a computer may be a confusing decision because of all the different options that you have, but going over a few key points will keep you from being overwhelmed.

First, for what tasks will you be using the computer?  This is incredibly important because knowing what you will use your computer for will determine what hardware to purchase.  If you only plan to use your computer for things such as Facebook and web surfing, you will only need a very basic computer.  If you plan to do some photo editing and video editing then you will need a much stronger computer.  A gaming computer calls for a different computer as well.  Once you have figured out your usage, we can translate that into something tangible.

The computer that you choose will be based on the choices you made in the previous section.  As we discussed before, the more complex your tasks, the stronger your hardware has to be.  Let us break down what we need into three separate sections. The first section is the processors.  Processors are what power the computer.  The faster the processor, the more applications you can use.  A good baseline for an all around computer is 2.5GHz. The second is the graphics.  The better the graphics card, the smoother and faster your videos and games will be. The last is the storage and memory.  The more storage you have, the more you videos, games, and photos you can have in your computer.

Once you have figured out what components you want and need, you can then go shopping.  This is the best part because since you know what you need, you can get the best price.  You have two options, either buy each component separately and assemble it yourself, or buy a computer that is already assembled.  We will stick with computers that have been preassembled because the ease of buying it is much better.  You can shop at many different places, so look for good deals.  Typical places to go shopping are the Apple store,, Best Buy, or other mom and pop computer stores.  Preassembled computers have different options so look for the computer parts that you want and shop for the best price. Remember also that ComputerFix SLC is here to help answer any questions you might have.

Computer shopping may be overwhelming at times, but if you keep a calm head and focus on what you really want, it will be a cinch to buy a computer perfect for you. Let us know if you need our help



Friday, November 23, 2012

Tired of Your Computer Running Slow?


PC Speed Killers

Are you wondering why your computer is so slow? Many things can slow down your system and cause you to have problems with speed. Here are some of the reasons why your computer is slow.

Lack of RAM

If your system is slow this might be because you don’t have enough RAM. Newer programs especially games and other graphics need a great deal of memory to operate properly. If your system is slow then you just might need a new RAM stick to speed the system up. Try having more RAM installed in your system and see if this speeds it up.

Slow Hard Disk
Sometimes your hard disk can get slow. This is due to the disk being too full or there might be errors on it that need fixing. A slow disk will make the entire system slow to a crawl. ComputerFix SLC can help you speed up your computer disk by fixing errors and other problems with it so your system operates better. Once the disk is fixed you will notice improved speed and performance.

Old Software

Your computer might be slow due to old software that’s incompatible with newer software on your system. This old software can cause conflicts and slow your system down with errors and other problems. Once you remove this software your system can perform better. Make sure you system software is upgraded and that you always use new versions of software programs to reduce errors with your system.

Too Many Programs

Sometimes you cаn have too many programs that open up when you start your system. Many of these are unnecessary and they can slow your system down. When you buy a new computer many of these programs are already installed. If you remove the ones you will never need then you can speed up your system. ComputerFix SLC can help you speed up your computer programs so your system has better performance.

Virus or Spyware

Your system might be slow due to a virus, spyware, or malware that you don’t know about. By using updated virus programs you can fund these problems and eliminate them from your computer. Many viruses will slow down your system and cause errors. Always ensure you have proper virus protection as well as Internet security on your system to ensure better performance.

Older Computer

Your system might just be too old to run some of the newer programs. By upgrading the motherboard and CPU you can get more speed out of your system.  ComputerFix SLC can help you upgrade components such as your CPU or video card so you can get better performance out of your system.

Many Things Cause a Slow Computer

There are many factors that contribute to a slow computer.  ComputerFix SLC has the skills and technicians to ensure that your computer system is working well and that you have optimal speed. We can help you fix your computer speed issues so you can enjoy a faster computer again.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Keeping Your Computer Clean

Why You Need to Keep Your Computer Clean

When something goes wrong with your computer it can be a real headache. Many computer problems are a result of not cleaning your computer properly and looking after it. Here are some things that you can do to ensure that it’s cleaned properly.


One way to keep your computer clean is to make sure your software is up to date. Often computer problems are caused by software that’s incompatible with each other. You will get errors and other problems that crop up unexpectedly.  ComputerFix SLC can help you solve problems with your software and make sure everything is running smoothly. Make sure you also upgrade your operating system when it prompts you as this can also cause problems with your system if you don’t upgrade.


To keep your computer clean you also need ant-virus software. There are far too many malicious programs out here to run the risk of not having protection on your computer system. You should also have Internet security, malware, and spyware protection as well. Most anti-virus manufacturers have these programs as a package for your system, such as Norton or the AVG program. Make sure your anti-virus program is kept up to date for the best protection for your system.

Run System Cleaners

Another way to keep your hard disk and other parts of your computer running well is to use the system cleaners that come with your computer or you can buy individual programs. These will vary for Mac and PC systems but they all do about the same thing. These programs ensure that your system is running at peak performance levels.


If you run into problems with your computer you need a good backup solution. An external drive allows you to backup all your files in case your system crashes. You can also use this to keep your main disk free of files you only need so often and instead store the on the external drive. Always ensure your system is backed up on a periodic basis.


Your computer can accumulate dust and this can cause heat problems, errors and parts can even fail. Having your compute cleaned periodically will remove this dust. ComputerFix SLC can help you clean your computer of this dust and ensure that your whole system is running well. Dust is a leading contributor to compute problems such as slowdowns and crashes.

Have Your System Serviced

Keeping your computer clean can be a large task and it’s difficult for some people to do this properly. ComputerFix SLC can help solve your PC problems and ensure that your system is cleaned and free of errors and other problems. If you’re having issues with your system then you probably need some servicing by computer experts to pinpoint the problem and fix your issues.  ComputerFix SLC is here to provide computer repairs and cleaning. We will ensure that your system is free of errors, dust, and other problems.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Computer Viruses

Computer Viruses What are They? What to do if Your Computer Is Infected...

Aside from mechanical or hardware breakdown, one possible threat which can negatively affect the performance or functioning of a computer is when the system eventually gets infected by a computer virus.

What are computer viruses and how do they attack

A computer virus is a small program or software which can linger and spread inside the entire computer system and has a general effect of corrupting or affecting the proper performance of existing computer software or program. And as computers advance, these viruses evolve as well. Majority of these viruses are now more powerful, destructive, and harder to eliminate or confine. Some of the viruses target the destruction, corruption, or even deletion of your computer’s most important files. And because they easily replicate, they can infect a large portion of computer data and system in a very short period of time.

If computer viruses are traditionally confined to specific types of destructive programs, today, several kinds of computer infections are now tagged and classified as a virus. The terms malwares and viruses are now often used interchangeably, there are also the worms, computer bugs, and the dreaded Trojan horses. Malwares are types of computer infections that have more devastating effects. Malwares can be programmed to perform the destructive capabilities of known viruses and at the same time perform a malicious or illegal act. Malwares can be programmed to destroy and at the same time steal computer or personal data. They can also be used by perpetrators to monitor or spy on the computer activities of an individual, etc.

All of these computer viruses are usually spread through several means. The primary culprits include the internet, through e-mails, download sites, infected external drives or flash drives, infected servers or computer networks, etc. Among the symptoms of a possible virus infection are; computer program malfunctions or errors, unexplained or sudden slowing of computer performance, frequent crashes or breakdown, data loss, or the simple alert or triggering of the antivirus program itself.

How to deal with it if your computer is infected

-           Run the antivirus program. Antivirus or antimalware software or programs are primarily installed to prevent viruses and other kinds of malwares from attacking or infecting your computer. These programs also have the capability of isolating and solving out the virus problem if a virus has eventually slipped through the computer security or firewall. Dependent on the type of virus that has infected your computer, an up-to-date antivirus program should be able to delete and resolve it.

-          Minimize the number of programs used. Since viruses and malwares can infect other computer files, data, and program in an instant, it is ideal not to run other unessential program while the virus problem is being solved. The less active the computer is, the less are the programs and data the virus can attack.

-          Start salvaging or saving files. After learning that your computer has been infected by a virus, it is recommended to backup and salvage as much important files as possible. This will prevent data loss if the virus problem eventually gets worse.

-          Consult and seek help from expert. If the computer virus problem is extraordinary to the extent that your basic clean-up efforts and the antivirus program aren’t that effective, it is best to seek the help of computer technicians or IT experts. This could be your last resort especially if you are trying to save very important computer files from being corrupted and destroyed. In Salt Lake City, Utah, the IT and computer experts of Computer Fix could be of great help. To visit our website click here on our name Computer Fix SLC. We look forward to helping you!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

How to Improve your Computers Performance

Do you own a computer? Chances are that you probably do. You probably have a desktop computer and laptop. But do they work very well? Do they run quickly and use the applications that you need? If not then you need to upgrade them. If you are having problems with your computer speed then you may need a stronger, faster processor. If you don't have enough space to save all your information then you may need more memory. That means you're going to need a way to improve your computer performance.

Improving your computer performance means that you will be able to do more with it. You will also be able to get some great work done with this better computer. But first, you have to take it somewhere that will improve whatever you need. This means you need a great company that specializes in this type of work. You need someone that knows exactly what they are doing. After all, you can end up with a lot of problems if someone does 'upgrades' to your computer that aren't actually good. So you need someone skilled and reputable. has a wide variety of these skills. They can take your computer and make it work faster and better than ever before. In fact, they can speed up your computer by more than 30% just by replacing parts, troubleshooting, fixing network problems and more. They will be able to take care of any of the computer problems that you may have. Located in Salt Lake City this company will make sure that your computer is running great. They can even help you with business computers by coming directly to your site and fixing however many different computers you have.

Computer Fix can also provide remote support. That means that they can help you to fix up your computer without having to come to you or your having to come to them. They will be able to simply take over your computer and see exactly what is happening. This means they can fix many different types of network problems without you having to move the computer. This is great when you have a desktop computer that is more difficult to move. All you have to do is download a simple application and they will be able to fix the problem from a completely different location.

If you have a computer then you know how bad it can be when it gets a virus. This makes you computer run slowly or makes certain programs not work. This can cause a big problem whether you use your computer for personal use or for business use. You need your computer to work properly and if it already works properly then you probably want it to work even better. With the right company, you can make your computer run better than it ever did. That means you won't have to replace it as quickly and you won't have to spend a fortune on a brand new machine.