Wednesday, May 30, 2012

7 Tips to Speed Up Your Computer

Seven Tips For A Faster Computer

A slow computer takes quite the toll on your time. Not being able to complete tasks on your computer in a timely and efficient manner is annoying! Here are seven tips you can utilize to help maximize the speed of your machine.

1.      Uninstall unwanted programs and/or programs that you do not use. Many programs run in the background even if they are not being used. This takes up memory and disk space.  You can do this by clicking start, then control panel, and selecting add/remove programs or uninstall programs.  Make sure you don’t uninstall important ones though! =)
2.      Use your Disk Cleanup tool to free up disk space by cleaning up your hard drive. You can access this by clicking Start, then click my computer or computer.  Then right click on the drive you would like to clean up, click properties, then click the tools tab at the top.  Disk Cleanup should be there!
3.      Check for and remove spyware and viruses. You can use programs like Malwarebytes ( or AVG antivirus ( to scan for those.  Both have a free version to use!
4.      Use the Disk Defragmenter tool to rearrange fragmented data on your hard drive to increase efficiency and performance. 
5.      Regularly check your computer’s performance by doing a performance test. You do this by clicking the start button, then typing in “performance”, then clicking “Performance Information and Tools” that should appear at or near the top of the search results. The meaning of the numbers derived after the performance test is explained when you click on, “What do these numbers mean?”
6.      Set up automatic updates so that you always have updated definitions from Microsoft.  In control panel you can access windows updates and make sure they are set to automatic.
7.      Close programs that are not currently being used. Do this by accessing the Task Manager. From the list of running programs, close the ones not being used.  Access the Task Manager by holding ctrl+alt+del and click Task Manager.

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