Friday, May 17, 2013

What is the Best Computer Processor?

If you own a PC, you have probably heard the term “processor” (short for Central Processing Unit, or CPU), and perhaps you have also heard of brands that make the processors such as Intel or AMD. Even if you are familiar with the term, many consumers are not quite sure exactly what that little processor is doing, and why one might be better than another when you’re shopping for a computer. The key to getting the best machine from a place like Computer Fix Salt Lake City is knowing which kind of computer processors are going to perform the tasks you need the best. Here’s a quick overview and comparison of some of the most common.

What’s a Processor?

The processor of your computer is like a tiny brain for your machine, taking instructions from the software programs and executing those programs as efficiently as possible. There are some single-core processors, which can only do one task at a time, but today there are also dual-core and quad-core processors that allow you to do much more with your machine, without slowing down (there are even six-core and higher processors available for desktop computers, custom computers, and rarely for laptops as well). Depending on the size of your computer, and how much you want to spend, you can get a wide variety of different options.

What’s the “Core”?

The “core” is the engine in the processor, where all the data crunching happens. If you have only a single core, the computer can run only one process at a time before it begins to slow down significantly. With dual-core, quad-core, or higher, the CPU has more than one processing unit, so it can handle more than one program without slowing down. This is particularly helpful for people who need to be able to run several large programs at once.

Benefits of Intel
Intel has long been the dominant processor on the market, supplying a significant number of processors each year. Today there are a wide variety of different Intel processors to choose from, ranging from very basic with the Intel Core i3 to much more advanced with CPUs like the Intel Core i7. Generally when comparing one unit to another within the Intel line, a higher number is better, giving you more power and more functionality than the lower end of the line. These processors are known for being reliable and powerful in both off-the-shelf and custom computers, which is why they have long dominated the market.

AMD: The New Kid on the Block

While AMD is not necessarily really new to the market, they have been slowly creeping up on Intel as a contender for the CPU market, especially when it comes to graphics. Many buyers choose AMD for graphics-heavy use because AMD bought out famed graphics-specialized CPU maker ATI in 2006. The CPU maker did a little research and discovered that users really care about having a good graphics experience, which is why they focus their efforts on delivering quality graphics, including 7.1 surround sound and other special features. They also have a line of different levels, starting with Vision, then moving up to Vision Premium and Vision Ultimate. For most users, a Vision or Vision Premium will suffice.

When it comes to your processor, the “brain” of your computer, most people want that brain to function as well as possible, allowing for maximum usability no matter what programs you’re running. Choosing the right CPU with help from experts at a place like Computer Fix Salt Lake City can get you the right PC for all your needs.

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