Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How to Know When to Repair or Replace Your PC

How do you know when to repair or replace your PC?

Computers, along with refrigerators and lawn mowers, are some of the most common household gadgets that people get repaired every year. According to a recent Consumer Reports Repair or Replace survey, these items are not necessarily failing more often than they did previously, but because they are becoming more and more complex, it’s more difficult than ever to repair them on your own. In some cases, things can also go horribly wrong and you need to replace it altogether. But how do you know when you should bring your machine to Computer Fix for computer repairs, and when you should just replace your PC? Here are some ways to decide.

Check Your Timeline

There are some appliances that you purchase and will likely not replace for several decades, but computers usually do not fall into that category. If you have had your machine for several years (more than about 3-4 years), you may be experiencing enough headaches and the machine may be old enough that the cost of a new one would be similar, or even less, than the cost to repair the damage done to your existing computer. If you’re not sure what it would take to fix the PC, take it to the shop for some computer help, including a quick scan and estimate of the damage.

Assess the Damage

The most common reason computers break is because of malicious viruses, malware, and spyware that has infected the machine. Another common problem is a hard drive failure.

Before you start experiencing delays, difficulty opening programs, frequent crashing, or other symptoms of viruses, it’s good to install a reputable and reliable antivirus, antimalware, and antispyware program on your computer. You can talk to the experts at Computer Fix to find out which programs work best for your budget. Be sure to keep the virus protection updated with the latest patches and security fixes, so you stay protected from the latest viruses and malware.

If you have had hard drive failure, the cost to repair your computer can get pretty high. Often the biggest cost is recovering the data—if you have to send it out to a data recovery firm, that cost can reach into the thousands (especially for high-volume data storage machines such as ones you use at work), or just a few hundred bucks in less severe cases.

Since hard drive failure can be caused by a variety of different things, ranging from mechanical failure to electronic or firmware failure, the real costs of repair and the ability to return your machine to “normal” following the failure can vary widely. You can find out whether you are able to get your machine fixed, or if it would be better to just replace it with a new machine, by taking it to Computer Fix. 

Look at Your Bottom Line

In most cases, there is about a 50 percent rule: if the cost of the repairs is more than half the cost of a new product, then go ahead and buy the new one. Of course, this also depends on your personal budget; if you cannot afford the cost of a new product, you can often get good computer repairs at Computer Fix that can keep your machine going until you can save enough to buy a new one.

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