Friday, November 23, 2012

Tired of Your Computer Running Slow?


PC Speed Killers

Are you wondering why your computer is so slow? Many things can slow down your system and cause you to have problems with speed. Here are some of the reasons why your computer is slow.

Lack of RAM

If your system is slow this might be because you don’t have enough RAM. Newer programs especially games and other graphics need a great deal of memory to operate properly. If your system is slow then you just might need a new RAM stick to speed the system up. Try having more RAM installed in your system and see if this speeds it up.

Slow Hard Disk
Sometimes your hard disk can get slow. This is due to the disk being too full or there might be errors on it that need fixing. A slow disk will make the entire system slow to a crawl. ComputerFix SLC can help you speed up your computer disk by fixing errors and other problems with it so your system operates better. Once the disk is fixed you will notice improved speed and performance.

Old Software

Your computer might be slow due to old software that’s incompatible with newer software on your system. This old software can cause conflicts and slow your system down with errors and other problems. Once you remove this software your system can perform better. Make sure you system software is upgraded and that you always use new versions of software programs to reduce errors with your system.

Too Many Programs

Sometimes you cаn have too many programs that open up when you start your system. Many of these are unnecessary and they can slow your system down. When you buy a new computer many of these programs are already installed. If you remove the ones you will never need then you can speed up your system. ComputerFix SLC can help you speed up your computer programs so your system has better performance.

Virus or Spyware

Your system might be slow due to a virus, spyware, or malware that you don’t know about. By using updated virus programs you can fund these problems and eliminate them from your computer. Many viruses will slow down your system and cause errors. Always ensure you have proper virus protection as well as Internet security on your system to ensure better performance.

Older Computer

Your system might just be too old to run some of the newer programs. By upgrading the motherboard and CPU you can get more speed out of your system.  ComputerFix SLC can help you upgrade components such as your CPU or video card so you can get better performance out of your system.

Many Things Cause a Slow Computer

There are many factors that contribute to a slow computer.  ComputerFix SLC has the skills and technicians to ensure that your computer system is working well and that you have optimal speed. We can help you fix your computer speed issues so you can enjoy a faster computer again.


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