Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Computer Buying Tips

Congratulations! You have decided on buying a computer!  Shopping for a computer may be a confusing decision because of all the different options that you have, but going over a few key points will keep you from being overwhelmed.

First, for what tasks will you be using the computer?  This is incredibly important because knowing what you will use your computer for will determine what hardware to purchase.  If you only plan to use your computer for things such as Facebook and web surfing, you will only need a very basic computer.  If you plan to do some photo editing and video editing then you will need a much stronger computer.  A gaming computer calls for a different computer as well.  Once you have figured out your usage, we can translate that into something tangible.

The computer that you choose will be based on the choices you made in the previous section.  As we discussed before, the more complex your tasks, the stronger your hardware has to be.  Let us break down what we need into three separate sections. The first section is the processors.  Processors are what power the computer.  The faster the processor, the more applications you can use.  A good baseline for an all around computer is 2.5GHz. The second is the graphics.  The better the graphics card, the smoother and faster your videos and games will be. The last is the storage and memory.  The more storage you have, the more you videos, games, and photos you can have in your computer.

Once you have figured out what components you want and need, you can then go shopping.  This is the best part because since you know what you need, you can get the best price.  You have two options, either buy each component separately and assemble it yourself, or buy a computer that is already assembled.  We will stick with computers that have been preassembled because the ease of buying it is much better.  You can shop at many different places, so look for good deals.  Typical places to go shopping are the Apple store,, Best Buy, or other mom and pop computer stores.  Preassembled computers have different options so look for the computer parts that you want and shop for the best price. Remember also that ComputerFix SLC is here to help answer any questions you might have.

Computer shopping may be overwhelming at times, but if you keep a calm head and focus on what you really want, it will be a cinch to buy a computer perfect for you. Let us know if you need our help



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