Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Common Computer Viruses

Most Common Computer Viruses
Many people experience computer virus problems that require repair. A computer virus can make life very difficult and also made many of your files or your entire computer become inaccessible and hard to use. Computer viruses are designed with a number of different uses and in today’s day and age many active Internet users will have had computer virus problems at one time or another.
Some of the most popular computer viruses include:
  • Trojans: Trojans are some of the most popular malware computer viruses on the Internet. Generally when you are infected with a computer virus, there is a good chance that is a Trojan computer virus. These are usually downloaded from pop-up advertising or from file sharing. What a Trojan does is nest itself into your computer and then will collect data or potentially manipulate data on your computer. Most of the time you won’t even realize that you’ve been infected and for the most part Trojans will be completely symptomless. They can simply work to make small changes on your computer that can alter its regular behavior.
  • Bot nets: a bot net will take control of your computer and they are used for identity theft, industrial espionage, and extortion. A bot net will allow hackers to take control of your computer and use your computer to spam other computers or steal vital information such as credit cards, Social Security numbers and your identity as a whole. With a bot net on your computer you could wake up to find your bank account empty or that your ID or online accounts have been stolen or wiped out.
  • Scare ware: some programs that are offered on the Internet through pop-up advertising are known as scare ware. Usually people install this type of software when a pop-up comes on the computer screen telling them that their computer is infected and they need to download a program to eradicate the infection. Ignoring the warning will make sure that it never goes away and if you are ever to download the program you will just continue to download bot nets so that hackers can take control of your computer. The only way to shut down scare wear is through the windows task manager which can be accessed by pressing control alt delete. Many designers of these viruses will also prepare for this by renaming the software after Windows components making it even more difficult to shut down. The only way to eliminate scare ware is through using proper security methods or taking your computer to a professional to eliminate the threat.
How to Protect Your Computer
You can protect your computer using a variety of antivirus software. There are even some that are available on the Internet for free such as AVG antivirus. Performing regular system scans as well as keeping a system scanner running on your computer at all times will help to prevent your computer from being infected.
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