Friday, December 28, 2012

Reasons That Slow Down Your Computer

Reasons That Slow Down Your PC

Is your computer running slow or are you having Internet access problems? There are many reasons why your computer will run slow and your Internet experience might not be as good as it could be.


If your computer is lacking in memory you might not be able to load programs properly and online you can experience slowdowns as well. Having enough memory in your computer will allow it to perform at its best. If your computer has slots for extra memory then install a new memory stick for added performance both online and offline.

Configuration Issues

If you have network programs or Internet access problems this is often caused by a misconfiguration or a setting that isn’t right. Computer Fix SLC is a company that can help you with computer repair issues such as Internet access problems. Often the problem is very simple but you might not be able to pick up on it yourself, so a technician can help in these cases.

Stuffed Hard Disk

If your computer disk is too full it can have problems accessing files and folders on your compute or loading programs. Your disk should never reach near capacity because this will slow your computer down. What you should do is use an external drive for storing your non-essential files. You should also clean and defragment your disk on a periodic basis so is loads programs and files quickly. Delete programs or files you don’t need on your computer to speed up the disk.


One cause of computer problems is dust buildup this can slow down your computer and cause it to run hot.  By cleaning put the dust you’ll help your computer run faster. Dust needs to be removed as it can also cause computer components to fail on you.  Computer Fix SLC can remove the dust from your computer for you if you don’t want to perform this task yourself.


If you’re having network problems or Internet access problems then the browser cache may be full. By emptying the cache of your browser you can gain significant speed when browsing online. A full cache may make your browser appear slower. Be sure to check for plug-ins that may be causing problems and make sure the plug-ins that you do have are updated when there are new versions available.


Make sure your computer has all the updates it has. If you are running old software and attempt to install new software there can sometimes be conflicts with drivers and other parts of the software which can crash or slow your computer down. The programs might be incompatible with each other and this can cause your computer to behave strangely. Make sure you also have updated ant-virus software so you are protected from malicious code and programs when online.  For computer repair and problems accessing the internet consider Computer Fix SLC as they have the tools and technicians to repair your computer so it performs at its best.

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