Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Intel VS. AMD

Brain vs. Brain

Can you imagine if you had to pick out a new brain to purchase? What would be the factors to influence your choice – thinking fast, seeing better, dependability, cost? If you had to limit yourself to just a few choices with one model of a brain and a different few choices with another, picking out your new brain would be a complex task. Thus, you can imagine the complexity in picking out your computer’s brain.

So, which brain is better, AMD or Intel? The brain with the racing stripes looks really cool, but what I really need is better graphics. I like the brain with the better graphics, but what I really want is racing stripes. The better processor is which processor suits your needs. That’s it!
But, let us go a bit deeper than that answer some questions like, “Which chip is the best value for common tasks, nothing high performance?” You want to purchase an AMD processor, and here’s why. They come in both single and duel-cores; they can pair with other hardware such as motherboards for improved performance, and most importantly to the value conscious, they are affordable.

That’s great, but you’re not an average user and you want a processor that can handle the hardcore gaming you plan to do. Then, we have to go with the Intel processor. You will generate less heat which means your computer won’t hover off of its base trying to cool itself. It will consume less electricity, which also factors into cooling. The higher-end Intel processors are faster than the AMD equivalents, but you will pay more. There are high end AMD processors, as well. But, they will cost more than Intel and offer nearly the same.
In plain, non tech speak, you have your answer. If you are a normal person that doesn’t plan on playing any graphics intensive games or plan on running any fancy design programs than the basic AMD processors are for you. If you plan on hardcore gaming or you design for a living and need a processor that can handle your workhorse programs, Intel is the more expensive but better option for you.

Keep in mind these simple rules when making your purchase. As you move up in price, Intel will generally outperform AMD processors for less money. As you move down in price, AMD will generally perform the same tasks as Intel for less money.

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